It is totally a need based service platform and the model is to pay for only what you use in terms of number of hours spent at the hotel. We want to provide a need based solution for travellers at very affordable prices.

4hourshotel turns any day into a holiday by allowing customers to book dayrooms, suites or other amenities in the finest hotels at affordable prices. Since rates are priced according to the exact number of hours you’ll be staying, you can save some money if you aren’t planning on staying within the confines of traditional hotel check-in and check-out times.

Luxury hotels are known worldwide for their exquisite quality and services, however not many people get to experience the joy of a luxury hotel. We thought why not put technology together to give you the freedom and flexibility to book your stay at your convenience in the most pocket-friendly way. Choose your hotel stay anywhere in the Europe for 4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours. Get started!

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee our clients the best hotel prices. We promise to refund the difference if our clients find cheaper rates after they have made the booking with us. We make sure that our customers only pay for only hours that he/she spent in the hotel, instead of paying for the full day. That’s what differentiate us from others hotel booking websites.

How Do We Do This?

We have the technology that cuts through the prices and the availability from all the top websites around the world. With just one easy and quick search we will show you the information that is relevant and which you need to know. With us you can find exactly what you are after while also making the most out of your hotel booking.

Find Perfect Match

We understand that booking hotel accommodation online is not easy but we believe in making it easy. It can be overwhelming having to trawl through various deals on different websites. Our aim is to make sure that by the end of the day, our clients know that they have booked the right hotel for themselves at the best possible rates.

Loyalty Program with

Because we want you to come back, offers the best in Europe Loyalty Program with unmatched benefits and access to its prime members.

4hourshotel is the first online booking platform that lets you decide what time you check in and check out of your hotel. Our loyalty program ensures that our customers are rewarded for sticking with, because we want you coming back!!

Reward Points System –

Each booking earns you (1) reward point, each reward point equals to 2% discount. To be able to utilize this, you need to have minimum of 10 reward points. The maximum percentage of discount to be available on a single booking is 40%. Points expire after one year of inactivity.

Prime Members –

Our Prime Members who reach 125 reward points are eligible for a 10% discount on each booking they make on

Early Bird Member –

First 1000 customers with to get to 10 reward points will always be informed of deals, discounts and new hotels on priority.

Refer a friend Rewards –

Refer to 2 friends and have them sign up, once it’s done we add 1 reward point to your account. Refer 20 friends and get a 40% discount on your first booking.

Have a Loyalty Program Suggestion? 

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